Essential Oils for Insects & Other Pet Pests

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Don’t Bug Me!

Using essential oils for insects and pests 

With the start of spring and warmer weather our pets are spending more time outside enjoying the sun and fresh air! But as we all know this time of year can also bring some unpleasant guests our way – fleas, ticks and other pests wake up from their winter slumber and start looking for a meal!

Thankfully there are many very effective and safe veterinary products available to use for your pets. But for those looking for a more natural approach or for anyone who wants a bit of extra pet pest protection there are also a number of essential oils that can safely be used with pets to help repel nasty insects. As a bonus – you can use these oils for yourself and your family and avoid some of the nastier chemicals and side effects found in commercial insect repellents. 

View the slideshow below for a list of these oils, including the many benefits of different types of essential oils and a recipe on how to use them. Be sure to use only high quality, therapeutic grade oils and always apply with caution – some pets may by more sensitive to some oils than others. 

 Remember, the information shared above is only an introduction for using essential oils with your pets. When in doubt, speak to a trusted veterinarian to ensure you are making the best decisions for the health of your pet. 

For more information on using essential oils with pets visit our Essential Oil Therapy page or book an appointment for an individualized consultation for your pet!

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