Sophie’s Success Story!

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Sophie’s Success Story – From Scratching to Sweetheart! 


This is sweet Sophie, she came to us last year for SEVERE allergies. This poor little girl was in rough shape, not only had she lost all of her hair, she was covered in yeasty scabs and she was so itchy she couldn’t stay still for even a moment! Her poor owner had tried various things and had been to various clinics but Sophie couldn’t even tolerate the medications, herbals or diet trials. Everything caused vomiting and diarrhea! We were in for a challenge to say the least. But with a lot of dedication from Sophie’s owner and a lot of hard work with introducing the right foods and supplements Sophie is good as  new!


  • Lori Lipari says:

    I have an 11 month old French Bulldog who was recently diagnosed with epilepsy because of seizures which started in January. In March, he was prescribed 30 mg. of phenobarbital twice a day and is now experiencing extreme itching. He was given a prescription for the itching which doesn’t seem to help him. He eats Big Country Raw food (pure duck, lamb and sometimes turkey or pork). He also gets herring oil and pumpkin powder daily. I was wondering how much you charge for a consult and if you think you can help him.

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