Routine Wellness and Preventive Medicine


Annual check ups are important to catch potential health problems early and at LAVS we offer integrative medical assessments that include a complete physical exam using both Western and Eastern techniques. This ensures a holistic approach to your pets healthcare.

Vaccines are an important part of a good preventative health program but we know that every pet is individual and has their own unique immune system. We strive to minimize vaccination but still ensure your pet is protected against preventable diseases. For those who are looking for this kind of alternative to routine vaccination for their pets or if your pet doesn’t tolerate routine vaccinations, then titre testing may be an alternative. Titre testing involves taking a little bit of extra blood during to check for circulating antibodies to the diseases being vaccinated for. If the titre is higher then the minimum level required for protection then your pet may not need a booster at all!

Parasite testing and prevention also plays a major role in preventing illness in pets and other family members. We offer routine diagnostic fecal and blood tests. We recommend annual fecal and wellness blood tests to check for heartworm infection as well as tick borne diseases and internal organ function.

We see dogs and cats in our comfortable and bright exam rooms.