Veterinary Food Therapy


In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), food is medicine. Dr. Galina incorporates Food Therapy into all of her Acupuncture appointments and can help form an individualized diet plan for your pet’s needs. 

Specific foods may be used to help balance the body to aid in healing while treating specific conditions with acupuncture and herbal therapy. Many foods have different thermal properties. That is, some foods are warming and some are cooling to the body. Depending on the animal’s diagnosis, a diet with warming or cooling properties may be prescribed as part of the therapy. Dietary considerations for specific medical conditions are designed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

In keeping with this philosophy we only carry the best, highest quality diets for your pets including Rayne Veterinary Diets, raw food and recipes and supplements for home cooking. 

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Why Rayne Veterinary Diets? 

Why not Rayne? Rayne works with PhD nutritionists, specialists, and veterinarians to understand how to provide the best whole food based nutrition  available today. Rayne diets are a dramatically different approach to veterinary nutrition. Rayne ensures, above all else, pets’ needs are being met.

Rayne provides whole food nutrition and less processed ingredients backed by scientific research, testing, and for

mulation.  This combination gives your veterinary team the results they require for treating your pets nutritional needs.

Rayne believes in providing nutrients, not adding them.  Using more whole foods and less processed ingredients.


• 100% Canadian owned and managed

• 100% Dedicated to the Canadian Veterinary Community

• Conducts all activities under 3 principles:  Quality, Dedication, and Transparency

• No affiliation with, or interest in, retail products/brands

• Achieving the balance between whole food, less processed ingredient based nutrition, and science (what
  pet owners want and what veterinarians need)

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Pets 4 Life Raw Pet Food 

Pets 4 Life is a Canadian company based in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, since 2010. Founded in 1999 they remain committed to creating Canada’s premiere holist

ic gourmet raw pet food and  treats.

  • 100% Canadian : Pets4Life and Ultimate Diet products are made in Canada from 100% Canadian meat, fish and poultry.
  • Cos
  • t Effective : Quality raw diets can save you money on veterinary and dental care over the course of your pet’s life.
  • Customer Support: Founded by a Certified Pet Nutritionist and a Holistic Veterinarian, Pets4Life offers unparalleled customer service.
  • Time Saving: Pets4Life diets come in convenient formats that make feeding your pet a raw diet clean and simple.
  •  Organic Ingredients: Our Ultimate Diet line of canine diets are made from 100% Certified Organic, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Complete & Balanced: Pets4Life Canine and Feline/Ferret diets are AAFCO certified “Complete and Balanced for all life stages”.

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